Sunday, July 24, 2016


I know I promised to describe my symptoms next, but I have some very important news.

It is with a heavy but slightly joyous heart that I want to announce that I have been approved for Social Security disability benefits.

It's easier to explain why I'm happy: I don't have to worry about money 100% of the time, I will have some income again once everything is arranged and settled (I have to have a feduciary, a.k.a. financial intermediary, which my mom has agreed to). I can decrease the worry time to 75% 😉

I'm sad for at least ten thousand reasons, starting with "I'm too young!" Yes, I am well aware that many people much younger than me are receiving disability benefits. There is also "this could have easily been avoided." Both of those statements have spinoff statements and they're just parts of the tip of the iceberg. I'm not feeling sorry for myself, just stating facts.

I haven't gotten my official notice, don't actually know if I will, but I just boxed up my scrubs (that all still fit or are a little big) and that is definitely symbolically official. I am maintaining my PTA license and my state pharmacy tech certification (the national one is up in the air until it's due for renewal in November). I see the doctor I've been told is a movement disorders specialist on August 2. I'm extremely cautious because I still can't find any information on him on the practice's website, I haven't received any new patient paperwork (I did call and ask, I should get it a week before my appointment and since writing is in the top 3 challenging tasks for me, very possibly #1, it may not get finished), and on my appointment confirmation where my doctor's name is supposed to be is my name.

I need to work on the symptoms list and finish it by August 2 if at all possible, so I will hopefully post it by then.

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