Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A little slightly off-topic RUNNING rant to prove I'm still alive...

I get why road runners call treadmills "dreadmills," but I like treadmills. Roads are nice for constantly changing scenery, but treadmills serve a great purpose for beginners like me. They help me with pacing and they're mostly flat. If I run on a treadmill I can run longer (time-wise) because I'm going a consistent pace on a flat surface. There's also that concern of "if I push myself will I be able to make it home?" Plus, climate control. Need I say more?
That being said...I HATE my home treadmill. The environment isn't great; it's in the basement within snot-rocket distance of two litter boxes. While the basement doesn't have good air flow on its own, I did arrange for a fan to be next to the treadmill and finally got it positioned and angled just right. But the treadmill itself has so many issues. The motor is 1.5 horsepower, which I'm 100% sure is the reason I can't walk fast let alone run on my treadmill. If I have my body weight too far behind my foot when I land, the belt slips forward. So I have to walk with a controlled gait. I've gotten as fast as 3.5mph without it slipping too much, but had to have the incline at 5%. Walking isn't horrible if you have good music or a good book in your ears or something good to read...but the console shakes too much to read a book or magazine while walking. The console also doesn't show the time after you hit stop, so if I want to be sure of my finish time I have to take a picture before I hit stop. The timer only goes to 60 minutes, so the treadmill automatically stops after 60 minutes. These are just the most significant problems...there are more.
I DREAD using THIS treadmill! And my mom says "it was sooooooo expensive." I don't know about that. I just know we selected it instead of an elliptical that I was more interested in because my mom didn't like ellipticals...and yet what is her favorite cardio equipment at the gym? You guessed it, the elliptical. And who is the only person in the family who uses the dreadmill even remotely frequently? Right again! Me. Using this treadmill is a punishment for me for procrastinating my workout until after dark and after the gym closes. Maybe someday I'll learn. Or not.

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